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Workplace Accident

An employer has a formal responsibility and duty of care to identify and reduce all foreseeable risk to their employees, however, accidents and injuries still happen – some avoidable, others not.

Is there a justifiable claim?

If you have had an accident or injury at work within the last three years that was caused by your employer, a colleague, visitor to your work premises, faulty work equipment, a falling object or even heavy lifting…you then have the potential to make a claim.

Whatever the severity of the accident and injury, our compassionate and pragmatic team can help to achieve compensation on your behalf. Compensation, if won, could help with private medical care costs or even help cover the time you have subsequently had to take off your work.

The size of your company and the environment in which you work are not significant to making a claim – and remember, you aren’t making the claim against your employers specifically but their insurance company – so you should never feel guilty about the financial impact. Employers have a legal responsibility to be covered for all eventualities.

What we can do

We are experts in Workplace Personal Injury claims and will fight hard to win your case with maximum compensation in the hope it can make a positive difference to your life. Whether to help with your rehabilitation, any significant changes you’ve been forced to make that have cost you money or to get you back into employment again if you aren’t already…we will be a supportive, rational and reliable legal partner to guide you through the process from beginning to end.


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Do you have a justifiable claim?

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