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Although the circumstances around the breakdown of a marriage are personal and each divorce is different, they tend to bring with them a whole host of similar questions. How does the process work? What will happen to my children? How can we work out our finances? Can we even get a divorce and how much will it cost?

How we can help

Whatever your circumstances, our sensitive, compassionate and experienced Family Law solicitors are here to guide and support you through the process – from beginning to end – protecting your best interests and lessening the impact on you and your family.

We can offer guidance as to whether there is firstly sufficient grounds and evidence to end your marriage, help explore all your options and if need be, help you raise a court action to start formal divorce proceedings – whether defended or undefended.

Divorce in Scotland

To get formally divorced in Scotland there must be evidence of sufficient grounds to end the marriage. If there are children under 16 you have to use what is known as an ‘ordinary procedure’.

There are two grounds for divorce:

Open and honest

We will always look to encourage and support you to settle any issues and agree with your partner about the grounds for Divorce including arrangements about children, finances and property. This way the Divorce is undefended in court and will help you to keep costs down dramatically. An Undefended Divorce also means that neither you nor your partner will have to give evidence in Court and normally can be turned around in approximately three months. Defended Divorces can be long and drawn out and where possible should be avoided, albeit this is not always feasible.


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For a sensitive yet pragmatic approach to your circumstances, get in touch with our expert Family Law solicitors. We offer a free no-obligation initial meeting which we can use to go over your individual circumstances and goals in order to advise you on the best way forward and if you qualify for our fixed fee service.

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What our clients say...

“I have been a client of W and AS Bruce, Dunfermline, since 1999 and have availed myself of their services on four occasions in that time. Sadly, the last time was during the emotional minefield of a divorce. They were exceptional.”  John V Lloyd