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If you are suspected or accused of Murder, Attempted Murder or Culpable Homicide and are found guilty, you face severe penalties and lengthy prison terms. You therefore must look to get the best legal representation as quickly as possible – we are highly experienced Criminal Defence lawyers who can help to guide and advise you through what will no doubt be a complex, tense and stressful time.

Crimes of such severity are rarely straight-forward, and it could be that the accused acted in self-defence or was provoked into their actions, deemed as insane or suffers from severe mental health issues. Whatever the circumstances it requires vigilant and sensitive handling.

Murder, Attempted Murder or Culpable Homicide explained

According to Scots Law, Murder is killing another person either intentionally or with wicked recklessness and in the eyes of the law, taking another life, is viewed with good reason, to be one of the most severe and complex of crimes, with penalties to match.

Attempted Murder is viewed very much like Murder but where the result of actions taken hasn’t resulted in death (because of medical intervention), although taking that person’s life was the intention of the accused.

Culpable Homicide is a lesser charge carrying lesser penalties than Murder. It is deemed as the act (or failure to act) which results in death but with the absence of an intent to kill.

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Our vastly experienced, straight-talking and formidable Defence Lawyers will take the time to understand the circumstances and conditions surrounding the charge and look to build a case for you to avoid or limit the charge, sentencing and ramifications this could have on you and your family’s life.


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